GreenWatt is setting up in Morocco


Source: Excerpt of the article published in the press in March 2014 - (nr 309)

The choice of setting up in Morocco is justified by the Green Morocco Plan which aims to double F&V production between 2010 and 2020, as well as by its objectives in terms of renewable energy: achieve 40% by 2020, using all available means: wind power, biomethanisation...

Consequently, it's with the idea of long-term settlement in mind that the Belgian company decided to set up in Agadir, having received the Award for Innovation in Thailand in 2013. A partnership with Apefel, aimed at installing a pilot system at the latter's research station in Agadir, was signed in October 2013.

Delivered in February, this pilot system will carry out the first tests on tomato waste whose potential reaches 250kg/ha/day as far as leaf removal is concerned and 72t/ha per crop for uprooting, which would produce a potential of 30 MWh/ha/yr.

The first lab tests indicated a methane generating power (BMP, i.e. biochemical methane potential) of 22m3/t for waste from tomato plants. As well as additional income generated by the production of electricity, this system provides optimal waste management so as to avoid any plant health risks. Furthermore, heat and the available CO2 can be used advantageously for production in greenhouses.

Demonstration visits will be organised on the Agadir site.